All private clubs in California can apply for membership with CSCA. Please download the CSCA Membership Application and e-mail the completed form to or mail to:

California State Clubs Association
1048 Irvine Avenue, Suite 773
Newport Beach, CA 92660


California State Club Association (CSCA) stands for the right of every truly private club to determine its own membership policy and to manage its own operations free of direct or indirect government dictation, supervision, or interfer­ence. This it defends as a right guaranteed by both the federal and the state constitutions. For more information click for CSCA's membership brochure.

CSCA, organized in 1970, is a California nonprofit, mutual benefit corporation. It currently has over 120 members all of which are private clubs and which include many of the leading clubs of this state. Its purpose is to serve the club community. CSCA is the only entity that speaks for its member clubs at the state level.

CSCA needs as many additional members as it can recruit because its effectiveness depends not only upon reasoned arguments but also importantly upon its political clout. This in turn depends upon the total number of individual club members - the total number of voters - that it represents. Based on the average club membership and the family of the average club member consists of four adults, CSCA can say that it represents over 274,000 voters of this state. Each new member will add hundreds of voters to the total number being represented by CSCA. To combat the increasingly severe attacks being made upon private clubs, CSCA needs all of the political muscle it can develop.